The Road More or Less Traveled

To Do Good Work

The promise of a heroic sum for a heroic task

On the eighteenth day of Kythorn the party awoke to find a message left with Amanda Lynn. The message requested the rescue of one Martin Candla and was penned from the missing boy’s father, who promised 2,000 Gold Coins for the child’s return.

Not soon after, the party was approached by a black man named Hilt, who worked for Jim Reynolds. Jim Reynolds requested the party clear out the castle west of Contore named Brightstone Keep. Jim Reynolds offered to pay 40,000 Gold Coins for the successful recapture of Brighstone if it is done in a week’s time.

The party encounted a man who called himself Tobias Bleak on the road the Brightstone. Tobias Bleak told the party of the raven Virduuk who whispered antagonizing lies to him in his sleep. Apparently he rides around the country side torturing ravens in order to get them to talk and spill the secret of Virduuk’s location. The party let Tobias Bleak go.

Tracking Martin Candla to the Candla Estate in Brightstone, the party enters the supposedly haunted house, where they discover that the boy was captured by a giant spider in the basement. Braving apparitions, demon dogs, giant spiders, and possible the raven Virduuk, the party successfully rescues the paralyzed but still living Martin Candla.



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