The Road More or Less Traveled

A Tyrant Deadened, a Plot Revealed, and a Death Meekly Accepted

And Some Treasure Had by All Except Mazaan, who's dead.

Along the road from Brightstone the party encounted a creature who’s porous body glowed with an intense pink fire. The creature killed Mazaan, and then faded from existance. The group searched his body and found ointment he bought from the goblin Nichols and his magical bracers (which the Harper Lua is using).

Once in Contore, the party discovered that the town was preparing for the Summer Solstice Festival. They’ll burn a bonfire, drink a little, and merchants from all over have set up shop in Contore for the festivities. When the group goes to The Barguest, they discover an unwelcome visitor waiting for them. He’s Guy Hanson, a local thug for hire, who has been searching for Galeron and Mazaan, and seek to beat them to death.

The talk of the town had been about how the corrupt guard captain Sergeant Ras Abdla was kidnapped. Commander Felix Tolbart hired the party to rescue him, but instead the rescued Martin Candla, Felix’s scribe’s son, from Brightstone. Felix was incensed, and attempted to have the group arrested for “Dereliction of Duty.” The party lied their ways into Ras Abdla’s burial chambers and attempted to create a simulacrum of the deceased Ras Abdla. The plan went awry, however, and the party had to fight for freedom when Captain Felix Tolbart found them in a compromising position with the body. The High Priest of Waukeen at the Shining Temple Akar al’Hakam, ordered the Helmite Amnian Soldiers to stand down, and all but Captain Felix Tolbart did so. The elf Galeron fought Tolbart, however, and managed to knock him unconscious.

During the fight at the Shining Market, however, Noon ran away into the night, where she passed out in an alley as soon as she calmed down. She would’ve bled to death, had not Sole and Jim Reynoldsdiscovered her. Jim Reynolds revealed that he, Lua, Hilt, and Sole are Harpers, and they hired the party to regain control of the portals underneath Brightstone. Jim Reynolds also revealed that they used a group of dissatisfied Shadow Thieves, chief among them Mannas al’Affra, to kill Abbas al’Affra and get their hands on the Mithril Eye, the magical key to the portals. The Portals lead to Athkatla, the capital of Amn, and the Harpers believe the Sythillisians will use it to launch an attack against the city.

Jim Reynolds gave the party some gear, including a sword called The Artist’ Arm.



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