The Road More or Less Traveled

A Murder, an Arrest, and a Just Execution

And none of them related!

When the group comes into Contore on Abbas al’Affra’s caravan as guards, Abbas leaves the party at the The Barguest, a taverns run by Amanda Lynn. Before the night is done, however, Abbas is murdered in the street and the only suspect is his son, Mannas al’Affra.

Stuck in Contore without the means to pay for their passage back to Athkatla, the party agrees to attack and kill a ‘dangerous wizard.’ To successfully do away with the wizard, however, the feral halfling Twitch got caught up in some extra-legal activities and arrested. The leader of the Amnish forces in Amn, Commander Felix Tolbart, agreed to let Twitch go if the party kills the wizard, which they succeeded in doing with little effort.

Noon sold some books held by by the wizard, and split it with the party. Galeron made contact with a traveling half-elven bard named Immaril Farsed, who agreed to help the party whenever he can.

Finally, Felix Tolbart requested the rescue of Sergeant Ras Abdla from a band of Sythillisian troublemakers to the west. The group is led by an orc named Ulgdursh, who has proven to be quite the prankster.



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