The Road More or Less Traveled

Bats, wolves, and goblins, oh my!

So after rescuing the young Martin Candla from the haunted Candla estate (and the horrible gigantic spider holding Martin for a snack in the estate’s basement), the party takes a siesta in the ruins of an abandoned home within the city of Brightstone. This decision led to some pretty unfortunate results.

First, in the night, the party was approached by a woman who was apparently pregnant. She tried to get the party to draw cards ‘to read your future’ from a Deck of Many Things. The party refused, and the woman attacked; she tore open her belly and released a swarm of bats from her womb. The party had a hard time finishing her off, but after doing so, they discovered in her few scant possessions the Deck of Many Things and a _1 silver lycanthropic’s bane dagger. The woman was a vampire (and what a vampire).

After the party agreed to once again try resting, they were attacked by one of their own! Mazaan attempted to strangle Twitch in his sleep. The vampire woman had apparently dominated Mazaan’s mind. The sorceress Lua was able to use the connection in Mazaan’s mind to plunge into the mind of the Vampire, learning two things; they were working with the orcs in Brightstone, and their leader’s name was Tobias Bleak (the same Tobias Bleak the party encounted on the way to Brightstone).

It was after the party resolved to leave Brightstone that the goblin Nichols appeared. He took them through the underground warrens of Brightstone to see the goblin leader, a werewolf named Kontile. Kontile was quite civilized, and even when it was revealed the party was not who he was expecting, he treated the group fairly and humanely; though with an appropriate amount of threatening for a worshipper of Malar. A deal was arranged, and the party was led out of a Brightstone through a hidden tunnel just as the sun rose.



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