A fortress town on the southern coast of Amn and bordering the Troll Mountains. A road to the north leads to Murann, and a road east leads to a passage in the Troll Mountains leading to Calimshan. Passage to Athkatla is safest and most routine by ship.

Maintained in a joint effort by the Strolling Steppes Mining Guild and the Amnish Army, led locally by Commander Felix Tolbart, the fortress of Contore sits directly atop the entrance to gem mines, where most the population works alongside prisoners sentenced to hard labor. The Shining Market is annexed to the fortress proper, and oversees much of the activities within the city, including the shipment of mined gems to Athkatla.

Outside of the fortress there is a village. Most of the shops are safely within the walls of the fortress , but one, the traveler’s inn known as The Barguest, is situated right at the crossroads where the road outside the main gate diverges; one goes north to Murann, the other east and finally south to Calimshan.

Within the walls are the Barracks, smithy, and makeshift temple to Selune. The lighthouse stands guard over the docks. The Waukeen Warehouse is under constant guard. Soldiers drill in the streets and in the central yard, where a fountain blooms.


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