Festival of the Summer Solstice

A Festival held once a year on the longest day of the year. This year, that day is the 20th day of Kythorn. During the day, celebrations of the holiness of light are had; people dance, sing, and drink. In Contore, it’s the biggest trade day of the year, and traditionally merchants and farmers bring in their entire stock in order to prepare for the winter, which is very harsh in the southern mountain ranges of Amn. Wheat production orders are filled on the festival day, and the tradition is to buy a farmer a drink on the day.

In the evening, the people gather to see the bonfire burn. This symbol represents the will of the light to endure even in the dark. From this night on, the days will become shorter. By tradition Night Hags should be meeting in secret covens on abandoned roads, and travel is taboo. In Contore, open displays of divine magic, usually performed by the high priest of Waukeen, is part of the demonstration. People bring their sick and dying from miles around in hopes that they’ll be healed by the priest’s holy touch.

They also play a field game between teams of players called Glyph. The two teams have four ‘runners’ with clubs and shields, and one ‘rider’ on horseback. The two teams try to move a ball through a hoop on either side of the field, one for each team. The first team to score two points wins. Anyone can pick up the ball, but only the rider can move with it. In this way, the runners often use their bats to hit or their feet to kick the ball to the rider, who catches it and moves it to the hoop on their side of the field. There are no replacement players, and if some one is hurt they are simply removed from the game without pausing. Injuries are common, but miraculously no one has died in decades. The winning team receives a small bounty of gems, averaging 1,900 GP value, and a meal served by the Shining Market fit for a king.

This night hold’s special significance to the Selune temple, but, their tradition are secret.

Festival of the Summer Solstice

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