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In mid Kythorn, the time of flowering, 1372 DR, the year of wild magic;

The city of Murann in south Alm has been lost to the control of two magical ogre kings. The subjugated orcs of the Small Teeth mountain range have banded under the Ogre-Kings. The call themselves the Sythillisian Empire.

Contore is an Amnish fortress-town in the Small Teeth. It is a stronghold where the Amnish launch offensives into the conquered lands, as well as mine gems from the Small Teeth. Just on the border of Murann, the fortress is a buffer against any Sythillisian aggression.

A caravan of Abbas al’Affra, a locally known merchant, comes into town with a group of hired guards. These hired hands wind up trapped in Contore without pay when Abbas is murdered; possibly by Mannas, his ungrateful son.

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Main Page

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