A game set in the Forgotten Realms world using the D&D 3.5 ruleset.

Things the party needs to deal with still:

Akar al’Hakam told the party that Bartleby Candla, Martin Candla’s father and personal scribe to Commander Felix Tolbart, would like to speak to the party. He suggests they meet him on the 20th day of Kythorn at the Commander Felix Tolbart.

Guy Hanson still is looking for Galeron.

Deal with Commander Felix Tolbart, who has sworn a personal vendetta against the party. Akar al’Hakam has expressed distaste toward him, and has called him “a would-be tyrant.”

The Mithril Eye is currently in Tobias Bleak’s hands, back in Brightstone. Jim Reynolds told the party that with the Mithril Eye, they move directly into the heart of the city, striking whenever they’d like. Jim Reynolds killed Abbas al’Affra because Akar al’Hakam had payed Abbas to get the eye in order to sell it to Tobias Bleak. When Tobias Bleak didn’t get the eye, he came to get it from Jim Reynolds. How Tobias knew that Jim Reynolds had the eye is unknown.

The Road More or Less Traveled

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